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Discovering My Ideal Arabic Language Learning Environment as an Online Student, by Nodir, USA

When it comes to language learning, there is a constant search for the environment that is 'just right for you!

During this search, I stumbled upon YouTube videos from Arabic Khatawaat that led me to this class. To provide some context about myself: I am 50 years old, living and working in the suburbs of New York. As a busy professional, I want to learn Arabic to communicate with the vast Arabic world and explore its culture, countries, and traditions.

All concerns disappear the moment you enter the 'zoom class.

As a language learner, there's always the nagging question: 'Did I say it right? Did it come out awkwardly? Is my pronunciation appropriate?' All these concerns disappear the moment you enter the 'zoom class.' Usthaza Raja has mastered these subtle 'language aikido' methods that transform your mistakes into strengths. You'll leave the classes feeling pumped up, guaranteed :)

It's the perfect mix of learning, technology, fun, and disciplined progress!

There are hundreds of tutors and classes available online. However, Arabic Khatawaat is in a league of its own, and you'll quickly understand why once you start attending the classes. It's the perfect mix of learning, technology, fun, and disciplined progress! The vibe of positive learning here is just different. It's hard to describe, but it's one of those experiences where you couldn't wish for more from a class. You will sense the authenticity that comes from a passionate professional! Btw, I still can't get over the mastery of technological tools (and I work in the IT technology sector).

However, you won't be able to hide from working in the classes - there's a time slot for each student. Hard work is appreciated and encouraged, so you'll need to do your part, or you risk plateauing. Also, be prepared to speak, write, or type in Arabic. Homework goes a long way.

Cultural elements. Food, holidays, traditions, and travel...

A language without culture has its limits. These classes are not limited to grammar, vocabulary, and text - they incorporate cultural elements. Food, holidays, traditions, travel - these are all topics of discussion during the classes. Stay inquisitive and open.

There's a lot of great advice for language learners, and all of it is valuable. My 'two halalas' of advice: stay persistent and regular. Even if it's just a few minutes per day, you'll notice progress. It's much better than cramming once a week. Whether you're listening, reading, writing, or speaking, something is always better than nothing. Partial homework is better than no homework. And of course, you need to explore the Arabic Khatawaat Youtube channel.

I am looking forward to next semester's learning experience and hope to meet some of you there !

This blog is a contribution from Nodir, USA, an arabic language learner and professional in the field of commuter sciences and technology, Nodir has joined Online Arabic Khatawaat programs for a full year.#arabickhatawaat #arabiclearnersblog #myjourneylearningarabic

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