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About us

My name is Ustaatha Raja آستاذة رجاء
Founder of Arabic Khatawaat Curriculum,
As a bilingual and culture educator I developed My step-by-step approach to meet the learning needs of diverse learners,

Learning a new language can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. My mission is to make the journey of learning Arabic as enjoyable as possible and to make it accessible to everyone. Through my online platform, Arabic Khatawaat خطوات عربية, I provide a unique learning experience that bridges between two cultures and allows learners to access the language in a more accessible way.

My classes are designed to be interactive and engaging, and I strive to create a welcoming and encouraging environment where everyone is free to learn, ask questions, and explore the language. I'm passionate about helping others unlock their potential and gain confidence in their Arabic language skills.

At Arabic Khatawaat, we are committed to making learning Arabic easy and stress-free for non-native speakers. Our mission is to incorporate the rich culture and heritage of the MENA region into the classroom while teaching the language. We strive to provide our students with the best resources on the market to ensure they reach their language goals. Our experienced instructors are well-versed in the Arabic language and are always willing to help. Join us today and take your Arabic language skills to the next level!

 Khatawaat, Step-by-Step classes aiming to introduce learners to the Arabic script and sounds, vocabulary, conversational phrases, and Arabic Grammar. These classes provide learners of Arabic as a foreign language with an easy, stress-free, and fun way to learn Arabic with a fast and effective method by covering the foundations of the Arabic Language, basic grammar lessons, and selected vocabulary that is easy to memorize and use in different situations. Arabic Khatawaat Youtube Videos are based on a curriculum designed to simplify learning Arabic as a foreign language for Non-native speakers, either as a self-study course material or a teaching supplementary resource concerning students’ learning styles. Whether you are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, this material includes various activities based on one primary pattern in each lesson, providing consistency, reinforcing learning, and fitting your learning style.

We recognize the potential in each one of our students. With a customizable approach, we have seen students improve their linguistic and cultural competence and excel in their careers.   Since the first steps of Khatawaat, we have focused on practical approaches concerning students learning abilities and interests. Our results are a testament that our approach works. Arabic Khatawaat Free  Instructional Videos are available for a large Youtube Learning Community. Instructions are simple and focused on delivering content and engaging learners with the objectives of each lesson. To respond to our students' demands, we offer virtual tutoring sessions to Global learners from diverse backgrounds.  

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