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Welcome to Arabic Khatawaat 

My name is Ustaatha Raja أستاذة رجاء 
Founder of Arabic Khatawaat Curriculum,
As a bilingual and cultural studies educator, I developed my step-by-step approach & curriculum to meet the learning needs of Non-native speakers of Arabic to begin their learning journey.

السلام عليكم

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Class picture with students from the Arab Culture & Film Course

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Field trip event to an Arab Festival with Arabic Class students in the US

With a  group of American students at one of  the CLC , Morocco Language Exchange Programs 

At Arabic Khatawaat, we are committed to making learning Arabic easy and stress-free for non-native speakers. Our mission is to incorporate the rich culture and heritage of the MENA region into the classroom while teaching the language. We strive to provide our students with the best resources to ensure they reach their language goals. Our experienced instructors are well-versed in Arabic and are always willing to help. Join us today and take your Arabic language skills to the next level!


Sharing a beautiful cultural event with Foreign Language educators from different parts of the world at the Fulbright Language Educators Conference 

Our Curriculum 

I developed the Arabic Khatawaat Curriculum in 2012 after my students struggled with the textbooks we used in class. They all came from different linguistic backgrounds, and I felt the urgency to cater to their various learning styles and experiences. They were equally curious to learn about Arab culture from reliable resources and had limited, if any, exposure or connection to an Arabic-speaking community in our area. It was crucial to tailor the class content effectively to keep students connected and engaged with the language, as well as informed about the current changing state of Arabic culture and its diverse linguistic variations.

Our step-by-step approach integrates cultural and linguistic activities that are adaptable for both individual and group settings, in order to enhance their learning experience and ensure that it is as closer to the linguistic realities and current matters that is relevant and applicable in the to Arabic speaking world. In the 13 years I have spent teaching Arabic & the Arab culture in American institutes and language centers, I became aware of the fact that many Arabic language students may not have exposure to Arab culture, and if they do, it is not in the most inclusive and informative way. Therefore, I strive to create a learning community with  realistic  cultural contexts that acknowledge students' needs, feed their curiosity and to enable them to utilize the Arabic language as a powerful tool for communication and community engagement as global citizens.

In our approach, we foster a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. Students are encouraged to share their personal backgrounds and linguistic familiarity, contributing to a rich fabric of class experiences. Our class is our small community, and our collaborative sharing not only builds a sense of community but also serves as a catalyst for a more profound understanding of the language with real-life human interactions. As our students actively engage in expressing their ideas, worlds, and lives in Arabic, they take ownership of their learning journey. This linguistic empowerment instills confidence, enabling them to use the Arabic language as a means to reflect upon and share their unique perspectives and insights.

Translation: The beauty of life is in  a heart that wishes you joy before theirs.

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Arabic Khatawaat Study Abroad Program 

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